Update on Cemetery Restoration Project

peter-hutchins-marsalisRestoration of the Marsalis cemetery is very close to being completed. In August of this year, we hired the Brookhaven Monument Company, Inc. to place stones on the graves of Peter Hutchins Marsalis, Mary Magdaline Gordon Marsalis, John Henry Marsalis, Mary Marsalis, Phoebe Marsalis Dickey and Robert Brown Dickey, which was completed on October 30th (Pictures attached). This was made possible by several generous donations from family members.

Wicker Engineering & Surveying Services, Inc., who did the original survey, will be updating the survey to include three of these names which we did not have at the time of the survey.

We have two more projects to bring the restoration to a total and final conclusion. We need to have a brick mason rebuild the two small brick vaults of the children John Henry and Mary Marsalis at a cost of approximately $1400.00, when funds are available. We also need to place some kind of very inexpensive marker on the remaining graves identifying the buried ancestor in each as “Unknown”. These graves were located and are shown on the survey,

It would be good if these two last things could be accomplished before we set a date for the dedication service.

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