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POLLY-MARSALIS-TOMB.smTitle: Sharon Marsalis
Text: according to a copy of letter written in 1959 by a great-granddaughter of Peter H. and Polly:

”My mother was Letha Ann Marsalis and she was the granddaughter of Peter and Mary (Polly) Marsalis. My mother died in 1929 but she told us many things before her death. She was born in 1848 and often visited her grandmother, Polly Gordon … I have what remains of the old family Bible of James Marsalis, son of Peter and Polly Marsalis….Peter H. was Hessian…In Amite County he was commonly called a Dutchman because he spoke English with a foreign accent. “

. Most of the sons were born in Georgia in the very early 1800s and the rest in Amite County Mississippi. The sons’ names were Ephraim, William P., Patterson, Thomas, James, and John. It is KNOWN that Thomas L. was a son of Patterson and his SECOND wife Martha Terrell.
(SM from various federal censuses and personal family data)

1807-1813: Peter H. Marsalis moved from Georgia to Mississippi along “the tree chopped way”. Ephriam was Peter H.’s oldest son, and was about seven or eight years old when they migrated. Ephriam told that “his father, Peter H. had $10,000.00 in gold, which he had placed in a sack, and then placed it in the back of the wagon. Somehow on the rough trail this sack was lost off. When Peter H. discovered that his $10,000.00 in gold was missing, he halted and rode one of his horses back about ten miles where he found the sack of gold lying in the middle of the trail. He was most fortunate that the Indians or some other traveler did not happen along before he got back.”
(SM – August 2005–quotation from “Searching for ‘Polly’” page 2.)

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