Marsalis Family Members Visit Cemetery

Bill-Pam-Wixon-Maria-smA group of Marsalis family members led by Bill & Marian Marsalis traveled to the Marsalis cemetery in Mississippi on March 19th, 2009.  In addition to Bill and his wife, Richard Lynn Marsalis and his son Chris Marsalis from Ashland, MS helped in the effort to clear the area and see what all may lie beneath.  They brought tools and cut down scrub and even some trees nearly 5 inches in diameter.

The tombstones are more in the open now and Bill thinks more graves will be found.  In fact, they found a new foot stone labeled “baby” with nothing else legible.  They also found several headstone bases without headstones.

Pam and Tommy Wixon also showed up at the cemetery on the 20th and brought the newly printed books to Bill Marsalis.  Please look for ordering instructions on this website to appear in upcoming days as we all get setup and ready to ship.

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