Marsalis DNA Sites

The new Marsalis DNA project is underway. Pass the word to any MALE with the last nmae of Marsalis or a variant spelled version. Details will be available at and Bill is already signed up for a 65 marker test (HOORAY!!) and Mike for a 37 + mother’s . Even if you don’t choose to participate you can watch the results and read the pedigrees and patriarchs posted.. You can also learn a lot at the two sites. If you do test at anytime be sure you do it through “Marsalis” at Family Tree. They will give you a discounted price and automatically enter you in the Marsalis page (or at least I will). Also once we are really up and running be sure to give your line of descent by the guidelines listed or email me and I will do it. I volunteered to be the administrator. Incidentally there is a great price through the 24 th.

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