Marsalis Cemetery in Need of Restoration

MARSALIS-CEM-1-smWe are sorry to report that the Marsalis Cemetery in south Mississippi is in very poor shape.  The cemetery contains the graves of Peter H., Polly, and many of our early Southern Marsalis ancestors.  Without restoration, this cemetery could fade entirely from history.  It is our desire to rebuild and preserve this landmark for future Marsalis generations.

There is no question that is that Peter H. is the patriarch of all the Southern Marsalis’ in Mississippi, Louisiana, and Texas.  It would be a shame to stand by and watch the loss of his tomb to time and  the elements of nature.

bookcover-smPlease help us by purchasing our upcoming Book or simply by making a donation.  We estimate that a fence around the cemetery will cost approximately $3,000.00 or more, so we hope you will help spread the word regarding our cause.  Our Order form and donation page are coming soon.  Please check back or Contact Us for more information on making a donation or purchasing the book. (cover pictured to the right)

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