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Mayor of Ripley, Mississippi

chris-marsalisIt’s not every day that one of the Marsalis “clan” not only enters the field of politics but wins his first time out.  Chris Marsalis was elected mayor of Ripley , Mississippi in March of 2012.  He was raised in Vicksburg, Mississippi and after graduation he entered the University of Mississippi in Ripley, MS where he graduated with a B.A. degree in Education.  He settled in Ripley and taught physics, biology, and technology at Ripley High School for six years.  He left the teaching field to enter into communications with Dixie-Net as a partner in their management team and continued there for fourteen years.  During that time he established and owns Marbiz Corp which is involved in outdoor furniture manufacturing and technical services consulting.  Some of his furniture was shown in the August 2010 edition of Better Homes & Gardens.

Chris is married and has three children and two grandchildren.  He is past president of the Ripley Rotary Club, past chairman of Ripley’s Historic Preservation Commission, past chairman of Ripley’s Zoning Board, and current board member of Koons Care, Inc. and Tippah County Good Samaritan Center, Inc.  He is also a current lay leader of Ripley First United Methodist Church.

Chris and his dad were the first volunteers at the Marsalis Cemetery.  They arrived with chain saws, axes, and weed killer.  Wielding the chain saw, Chris attacked the over-grown wooded area that the cemetery had become and made a substantial dent in the existing tangle.  The cemetery project would not be where it is today without the initial work of Chris and his dad.

Chris’ lineage is as follows:

John Christopher Marsalis     4 July 1966 –
Richard Lynn Marsalis     27 December 1940 –
Luther Calvin Marsalis, Jr.     25 December 1916 – 29 July 1972
Luther Calvin Marsalis     19 January 1888 – 29 July 1957
Ephraim Ezra Marsalis     8 January 1855 – 23 February 1947
James Enoch Marsalis     14 February 1828 – 27 July 1915
Ephraim Marsalis    21 October 1807 – 19 December 1883
Peter Hutchins Marsalis     1774 – July 1846