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Bill Marsalis and Tommy Wixon Revisit Marsalis Cemetery

Tommy Wixon and Bill Marsalis revisited Liberty, MS on June 21st to continue Marsalis research at the court house.  While there, they met Mickal Corkran, who is the executor to “Coot” Andrews the present owner of the property upon which the Marsalis cemetery is located.  During their conversation Mr. Corkran told them how happy he was that someone was concerned about caring for the cemetery and agreed to provide them with a notarized affidavit granting them permission to enter the property.  Since their meeting, they have heard that Mr. Corkran might know the location of a picture of the original Marsalis house.

The next day, June 23rd, Tommy and Bill met at the cemetery with five members of Stockdale Cape #1681 Sons of Confederate Veterans.  The purpose of the meeting was for possible assistance from their group with the cemetery clean up project.  After looking at the site, Joe and James Abbott, Chuck Fredrick, Bill Simmons, and Leroy Spring all agreed that the clean up would be doable for them and that the project would be put up for discussion at their July meeting.

Bill and Lynn Marsalis had planned to continue with the clean up at the cemetery on the 24th but Lynn became ill and the heat was too oppressive to consider further work and therefore was placed on hold.

2009 Marsalis Family Reunion

The 2009 Marsalis reunion was held at the Covenant United Methodist Church in Lafayette, LA on June 6th. Forty – three people attended, which was a light turnout compared to the two previous reunions. We had “cousin” from NC, AL, TX, and LA. Carla Ashbey (daughter of Carl Marsalis) and her husband Lewis hosted the reunion and saw to the food and all other preparations. Sharon Marsalis (wife of Mike Marsalis), one of our experts on the Marsalis family, had a number of family documents on display. Bill Marsalis gave a short presentation regarding the Marsalis cemetery restoration project. Chip Marsalis said that he needed a rest from the job of reunion organizing and that someone else would need to pick-up the mantle for the coming year.